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The creative process produces lots of love, warmth, self confidence, joy, peace, calm,  good mood and harmony. On the natural and painless path of art, children go to their healing by passing first through the door of your mind and reach up to its fragile and sensitive nature - the soul. At the end of each session, we have not only art. The result is health, love, hope, faith and a lot of power and strength to deal with everything in front of them!

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic method using both the weak and strong sides of the child's character through art solutions and verbal expression. The art work is seen as a separate and distinct language, expressing and performing an insight about beliefs and behaviors of the child beyond the therapeutic process.

The basic principle in the art therapy is the studying, the following of the voice, of the emotion, of  the experience of the child, of his search and feeling -  the way of his Soul by the means of expression of the art. In this process there is no evaluation, no criticism, no available aesthetic or art historical searches. This is a process that gives only and solely peace, beauty and the magic of the most  beautiful relationship - the one with yourself.




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Points of view – Program ARTON

Art therapy can be regarded as a form of mediation in forming relationships with peers. Cooperation, alternation, respect for difference and other social skills can...