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Life is not a competition – Program ARTON

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic method using both the weak and strong sides of the child's character through art solutions and verbal expression. The art work is seen as a separate and distinct language, expressing and performing an insight about beliefs and behaviors of the child beyond the therapeutic process:

Dear children,

You don`t need anything outside yourself to be happy - neither man, place, anything - true happiness is located within you!

Miseries and failures are fiction - every experience is a success, and every effort achieved victory!

We live in a world of abundance and the greatest thing is not to accumulate, but to share!

It does not require anything to be worthy of an honorable and meaningful life. There is no need to compete with anyone for anything - you are all blessed with your birth and everyone is different and unique, not better than others!

Do not worry whether you do the right thing - nothing should be change to be "better" - you're perfect!

The greatest gift on the Earth is Love - Give this Love unconditionally! The more you love, the more you will be loved!

Everything is possible,  you can do everything, everything is in your hands - just trust yourself, love your uniqueness - inhabit your world with your rules and according to your understanding!

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Points of view – Program ARTON

Art therapy can be regarded as a form of mediation in forming relationships with peers. Cooperation, alternation, respect for difference and other social skills can...