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Sensitive models – Program ARTON

In music the choice of instrument is extremely important. The acquisition of sensitivity to the musical instrument is the most important thing in the sensitive model of moderate skills. Choosing the source of the sound, of a particular musical instrument, served carefully, can cause an emotional reaction that become the focus of the session. The group - children and musician - can sometimes need a whole session with movements and music attempts to achieve tuning senses, realizing and sensitivity to  the instruments and to the space of self-image throughout the entire art therapy action. A similar session helps the group to unify, to bind and to work together as one. The children remove protect and resistances and include themselves in the group just like they are one monolithic mechanism.











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Musical spaces – Program ARTON
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Musical spaces – Program ARTON

The creation of art in the art therapy means entering into space where the game of opportunities gives surprising results. The child can participate in this space...