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The art process as a healing method – Program ARTON

The therapies with art include more levels than just the level of cognitive skills. They contain a wide range of exercises with repeated experiences of achievements. They are psycho-physical, specific experiences that allow emotional and cognitive reasoning. They are sensory-aesthetic experiences that touch and nourish the soul. All senses are involved in art therapy session. With repeated experience of dealing in the art process, the child achieves a sense of security, competence, satisfaction. In a session there is also an experimental field of discovery which motivates the curiosity of children. The findings in this way - in the safe and comfortable environment of the art session - are ones of the main sensorimotor and cognitive experiences for learning.

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Points of view – Program ARTON
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Points of view – Program ARTON

Art therapy can be regarded as a form of mediation in forming relationships with peers. Cooperation, alternation, respect for difference and other social skills can...