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Kangoo Club Bulgaria supports the program ARTON !

Our friend Vassilena Popova - Radichkova once again giving us a hand and helps us on our way, in the name of children's happiness! For the charity initiative, it gathers supporters and prominent persons such as Lubo Ganev, Titi Papazov, Milen Radukanov, Preslava Peicheva and many others. The event KANGOO JUMPS for LIFE will be held on July 16, the place is Eagle Bridge, starting at 17.00 h.

In Bulgaria Kangoo Jumps is entering thanks to Kinga Sebestien, which is a distributor of brand and founder of Kangoo club Bulgaria, with assistant manager Vassilena Popova-Raditchkova. Kangoo Club Bulgaria is under the management of Kangoo Club Romania and Miss Kinga Sebestyén is the CEO of both Clubs. The event is organised by these clubs and the idea of organising the event was hers, Miss Vasilena Popova-Radichkova is the assistant manager in Bulgaria. This event is the 2nd event of Kinga Sebestien and Kangoo Club Bulgaria, after a very successful one on 12-13.04.2014, organised in Burgas.

The empathy of these crazy, jumping, young people shows us that The good is in different shapes and colors, but always with the same face - that of the unconditional love! Helping your child is naturally, to help to  child of someone else is a spiritual feat!

Thank you, friends!

Thank you, Kinga !!!

Thank you, Vassi!

Together we can more! Support the event! By participating you will help for the smiles of more sick children!

For participation and booking of shoes, look for the nearest to you Kangoo Jumps fitness or call 0888 625 736.

Kangoo Club Bulgaria supports the program ARTON !
Kangoo Club Bulgaria supports the program ARTON !
Kangoo Club Bulgaria supports the program ARTON !
Kangoo Club Bulgaria supports the program ARTON !

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