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Instead of flowers for first day of school

Teachers of class 1a - Rositsa Panayotova and 1d class - Denka Lefterova in "Naiden Gerov" in Burgas, decided this year to start different. The two ladies refuse the traditional bouquets for the first day of school in favor of necessary materials for the children of ARTON. Parents and younger students responded to the initiative willingly. With the entering the classroom, the children placed in a box  their gifts. The school year began with the first lesson - in "Compassion" and the children - patients received a large package with a colorful variety of art materials, books and games.


Thank you, great friends of Burgas!

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Insights – Program ARTON

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic method using both the weak and strong sides of the child's character through art solutions and verbal expression. The art work...