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It's Easter! - Program ARTON

On Easter we thank for the grace of Light and Love that lead us along the way! We open our hearts and surrender ourselves in the name of the people and their prosperity!

The small steps in the path of the Good sort out the difficulties and the pains because  brighten us the joy in those eyes!

The love resurrects through the passing through the fire of suffering and gives us the Faith that we are eternal with the power of the Light!

Be healthy, blessed and inspired!

Hospital stays and extraordinary isolation make the holidays a sensitive topic. Along with the surprises and the gifts, these circumstances intensify the sharpness of hospital reality and the remoteness from all family and loved.  All together, in the comfort of art session among friends, explore and the joyful and the sad topics, and everyone finds reassurance in inventing his own creation.

The participation in unique creative experiences during special days and holidays gives to the children the opportunity both to celebrate and explore their feelings regarding the celebration. In "explore" we mean the meeting with emotions and how they might be handled in the appropriate therapeutic environment. Children can choose to express sentimental experiences for the holiday, but they can share and their frustration or sadness.

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Insights – Program  ARTON
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Insights – Program ARTON

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic method using both the weak and strong sides of the child's character through art solutions and verbal expression. The art work...