Centers and programs for mental health and recovery of patients with cancer

When children are seriously ill - the good practices of Europe

Here is an example of much needed care and rehabilitation of children who suffered of a severe illness. 11-year-old Tim had experienced surgery and intensive chemotherapy, after which there have been many changes. The body is tired, some motor skills are troubled, the psyche is low. Non- hospital center, combining games in nature, care for animals, motor and psychomotor exercises and all that served as structured rehabilitation program delivers much needed finishing therapy for sick children. During the sessions, the parents relax and also have a place to recover.

This is a model of high professional care after the hospital  for all children who have had intensive treatment. The contact with nature and the program of the specialists are a guarantee for the high quality of life and the full recovery of those heroes. Bulgarian children also have need of such care!

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Points of view – Program ARTON
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Points of view – Program ARTON

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