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Program ARTON

Program "ARTON" is the first professional hospital program in Bulgaria for art and restoration of patients with oncological diseases. The program is implemented through and under the supervision of clinical psychologists with long experience in oncology, with a number of specializations and certifications training. Main consultant, supervisor and manager of the program "ARTON"  is Ivayla Georgieva - certified trainer and consultant art - therapist, clinical psychologist.

Ivaila Georgieva is a clinical psychologist in SPECIALIZED HOSPITAL FOR ACTIVE TREATMENT OF CHILDREN WITH ONCOLOGY DISEASES - Sofia, onco psychologist with clinical practice and specialization in the field of child psycho oncology in France, Russia and Romania. From 2013 she is graduated Art consultant in the training program "Art therapy as a method in counseling, prevention and rehabilitation" of the Bulgarian Association of Art Therapy (BAAT). Member of the Society of Psychologists in Bulgaria (No.BG-RP-0999, ISCO-2634-6001-6002), Bulgarian Association of Psycho Oncology (BAPES) and the European Association Pancare. Ivaila Georgieva has 25 years of experience and expertise as a clinical psychologist at Children's Specialized Hospital for Diseases - Sofia, and is the main trainer in the team of foundation "ARTON Bulgaria". We have team of clinical psychologists with  prepared program with art topics and target therapeutic guidelines for work in the clinical setting.


Training programs for specialists of the foundation constantly build new knowledge, practices and skills in the field of art therapy, general psychology and auto-training, mandatory for everyone, chooses the way of "assisting" professions.

The certification seminars of the "ARTON Bulgaria" are part of a comprehensive program, building a team of elite professionals.

Program "ARTON" is implemented at national level - simultaneously in the three treatment centers for children with oncology diseases - in SBALDOHZ - SOFIA, Clinic of Pediatric Hematology and oncology - University Hospital "St. George" - Plovdiv and Clinic of Pediatric Hematology and oncology - University Hospital "St. Marina" - Varna. In the basis of the program "ARTON" are enshrined principles and practices of art therapy as a method of psychological support. 

Program "ARTON" serves  patients in a hospital, parallely to the conventional chemotherapy, make art sessions with the participation of professional artists and clinical psychologists.

Clinical psychologists in the teams in the three centers of the program "ARTON" are trained to recognize non-verbal symbols and metaphors that express themselves in the creative process. They use  painting, sculpture, musical performances of the patient for assessment and modeling of psychotherapeutic support. They choose materials and interventions relevant for the individual patients according to their specific needs in order to achieve the therapeutic goals.

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Musical spaces – Program ARTON

The creation of art in the art therapy means entering into space where the game of opportunities gives surprising results. The child can participate in this space...