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Happy 8th of March!

International Women's Day is celebrated each year on March 8th. This is a day for international recognition of women's economic, political and social achievements. In Bulgaria, the day is also celebrated as Mother's Day.
The holiday gradually becomes part of the culture of many countries. In some, the day is losing its political color, and it is just a reason for men to express their sympathy and attention to the women around them.
ARTON Bulgaria Foundation works actively in the care of the most severely ill children in support of their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Our work meets with incredible women - mothers who overcome unthinkable barriers, boldly face the challenges, break down the walls of the status quo and unbelief, challenge public perceptions of strength, audacity, victory. At the cost of their own health, security, prosperity, these women turn the world - to make it better and lighter by saving their own children! They are the mothers who carry the Light! And they make us - all the others - better!


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Musical spaces – Program ARTON

The creation of art in the art therapy means entering into space where the game of opportunities gives surprising results. The child can participate in this space...