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Seeing in three dimensions - Program ARTON


The creation of sculpture compositions with clay or plasticine gives children the opportunity to see things in three dimensions. The observation of a specific structure from all sides - front, back, sides, top and bottom - encourages patients to expand the way how they look at life. To see any situation not from only one perspective. Such activity focuses on abstract thinking. This enables children to express their problems from a different perspective. They learn that in the life there are gray areas, not everything is black - white. Sculptures, mobile structures, volumetric forms enable a child to model, to shape, to construct and to process the own ambiance.

Working with clay or plasticine allows children to be dirty, to express themselves freely. Feelings here can be expressed in different ways. Children can hit the material, to squeeze, to push, to process the clay, order to miss a part of the anxiety, the anger and the excitements. The child becomes the master of the clay - controls the situation. The use of clay in the art therapy allows to model the behavior, attitudes, Me - images. Children are amazed by the plasticity of the material, the possibility to export and to release the emotions, they learn to focus and think abstractly.





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Points of view – Program ARTON

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