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The divine particle – Program ARTON


Every child is a superhuman - in the time when he grows up, he collects slowly, methodically and persistently "little flaws", thanks to the contact with adults and the limitations which he is obliged to respect as a worthy member of a civilized society. The children tolerate the the mind numbing influence of their parents, of the kindergarten and the school, they enter the matrix of established rules, norms, aspirations and pseudo concepts of happiness and grace ... And what returns them to their true nature, what nourishes and develop their emotional intelligence in the right direction, what brings them harmony and spiritual balance, what giving them back what enlightenment, which harbored by the birth and firmly hold with entire force is the Art, the art creativity!

Any contact with the art is a true feat in peacetime for the child who is eager to shake off the shackles of the public and the educational conditionings and to fly in the vast, beautiful, enchanting, fantasy space of his imagination, where he and only he is the lord and the master, touching and strengthening your deepest, most intimate corners of his soul, which kept most diligently divine particle, his superhuman nature!





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Points of view – Program ARTON

Art therapy can be regarded as a form of mediation in forming relationships with peers. Cooperation, alternation, respect for difference and other social skills can...