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Art expression of the emotions – ARTON and The Taxback Group


The joy of friendship gives strength, courage and faith! This gives a sense of security and trembling excitement. And tmakes the world colorful, loud, and cheerful. The children are already waiting for the Saturday session with their friends from The Taxback Group, who, through shared work, provoke them, laugh them, inspire.

Art therapy differs from other forms of psychotherapy - there is a tripartite process between the child, the therapist and the work. Thus it offers the opportunity for expression and communication and can be very useful method for children, which is difficult to express thoughts and feelings verbally.
Art helps each child to find himself, to feel his own importance, to see his presence in the artwork, to look at  sideway of life. And to feel it wonderful! The creativity released from fears and anxieties and gives courage and a sense of self fulfillment and satisfaction. Without any resistance, the child trusts first and only of himself and confide his feelings and thoughts and create, sculpt himself. Тhе transmission in the material, in the visible world is the path to an awareness, recovering of sight and  expressing. In the deep meditation of the creative process, the child with the whole his nature feels, directs, observes and enjoy the overflowing presence of his own soul in its various dimensions - sometimes see it, sometimes hear it, sometimes touch it, sometimes feels it.



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Points of view – Program ARTON

Art therapy can be regarded as a form of mediation in forming relationships with peers. Cooperation, alternation, respect for difference and other social skills can...