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Hugging yourself – Program ARTON


The creative process takes out the children from the hospital atmosphere and moves them into one colorful, cheerful, fabulous world of beauty and harmony of fresh flavors, sunny smiles and favorite tunes - this world is not so far - it's inside them!

Art therapy is based on the mobilization of the entire creative potential of the child and helps him to open up opportunities for which he does not even know.

The works of all are amazing - the colors of the child smile and genuine feel of pure talent in every small and big patient who chooses to embrace himself with art creating.

The creativity gives balance, harmony, peace of mind, shining eyes and a lot of smiles! Let the Sun that smiles at you from Sofia,Plovdiv and Varna charge you with a very good mood and strength!

„Not exist bad fortune, not exist good fortune. Everything comes for rise. Everything is a path.

In the world there are two great laws: the law of right thinking and right feeling. These two laws guide the human life. Both law introduce disposal, spaciousness in man. When enter the law of right thinking   the person has a flight, spirit, and desire for work. When enter the law of right feeling, man is inspired and begins to create.”

Master Peter Dunov

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