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Painting in the hospital –Program ARTON

The painting provides spontaneous and plastic method for displaying thoughts and feelings. The drawing with paints is not structured as with pencil or crayon, and gives the child the opportunity to mix colors and experiment creatively. Paints, especially water paints, allow patients to move more freely and to take risks with colors and designs. Taking creative risks can be the first step towards opening up in other areas of life.

Children are encouraged to experiment with mixing paints to produce many new shades and colors. Children are provoked to reflect the change and the creating a palette of colors. In this way children see the symbolism in their chosen shades at different times of their mood.

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Musical spaces – Program ARTON
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Musical spaces – Program ARTON

The creation of art in the art therapy means entering into space where the game of opportunities gives surprising results. The child can participate in this space...