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Donation of Bulgarian community in Lexington


Some days ago we received a donation from the Bulgarian community in Lexington, Kentucky. Lilia Daskalova organized a charity initiative for a consecutive year in memory of her husband. Group positive and enthusiastic bulgarians created a tradition every year to support a cause in the homeland. This makes them empathetic and emotionally attached to Bulgaria and so they continue their chosen mission - in memory of Lily's husband - to give assistance in our country. This year they support in parallel and the three clinics for pediatric hematology and oncology in Bulgaria, which conduct the national hospital program for art therapy ARTON.

The entire team of the Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" heartily thanks our compatriots who continue to help even from a distance!

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Insights – Program ARTON

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic method using both the weak and strong sides of the child's character through art solutions and verbal expression. The art work...