Centers and programs for mental health and recovery of patients with cancer


Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" offers to our friends and corporate partners a unique opportunity to link with the great cause TOGETHER to care and support cancer patients and their families.

By partnering with Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria", you can:

  • To become part of our mission and in unity to work for the recovery of patients and their families.
  • To achieve maximum marketing and PR effect
  • To add prestige to the name of your company through your association with world major mission - together to care for patients with cancer, and in particular supporting the programs of the Foundation for mental recovery of patients with cancer.
  • To increase the  brand recognition, increase the sales and strengthen customer relationships.
  • Strategic grants and contributions can support programs directly related interests and core competencies of you or your company, engage your employees through various initiatives and programs to increase donations or donations in kind.
  • Together we can create original long-term project that combines the most successful our mission and your social responsibility.



The activity of the Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" is a permanent, stable over time and expand. The Foundation is the founder and conductor of the first professional hospital program for mental health and recovery of cancer patients. All this allows you or your company to pursue your long-term strategic objectives. We strive to build lasting partnerships to achieve maximum effect and for all parties.



Personal donation

Any individual can make a financial donation directly to the account of the Foundation, as define in the "Reason for transfer" for what specifically donate the funds. It is also possible and material donation - according to needs of the different centers - for example art materials and aids for the program "ARTON" in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna in Bulgaria.

Corporate donation

Many companies or their charitable foundations choose to make direct corporate donation. It can be directed to any of our projects by your choice. But it is possible and in close cooperation together to decide in what our goals are closest to your own understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility. In what new to investing your donation for the benefit of cancer patients and how this to transmit  to the public.

Marketing Cause-related

The activities of the Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" can be supported by marketing initiatives and sales related to a specific cause. Marketing programs of this type allow the company to offer its customers the opportunity to support the cause by purchasing a product. Linking campaign for direct sales with the Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" is an effective way a brand or product to engage the customers, increase sales and add value to the corporate image.

Special Events

The corporate partners can indicate Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" as a beneficiary of their own fundraising campaigns or can sponsor events organized by the Foundation.

Fundraising by employees

Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" can support initiatives and fundraising by employees. Most often, this practice is associated with a doubling from the company of funds raised by employees. There are various innovative and effective ways employees to be involved in support of the Foundation - automatically deduct the donation from wages (payroll donation), on-line donations.



Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" is listed in the Central Register of NGOs registered public benefit - Foundation is the beneficiary of donations, which reduces the tax base under Art. 22 para. 1 of PITA and Art. 31 of CITA.

Tax relief for legal entities

Business operators (companies, cooperatives, partnerships) may have in mind that the Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" is mentioned among the persons under Art. 31 para. 1, p. 18 of the Law on Corporate Income Tax,for which  the donations to be deducted from the positive financial result amounted to 10%.


You can make a donation by bank transfer to the following account:

IBAN: BG98BGUS91601002501700


The "Reason for payment" select what you want to support:

  • Sustainable Development of the Foundation
  • Program "ARTON" for patients with cancer over 18 years
  • Program "ARTON" for children patients with cancer - optionally in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, or in three cities simultaneously.
  • Fund for building material bases

To get a document certifying the donation to the tax authorities, please send contacts and data on the address:

Any donation will be announced on the official website of the Foundation.






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