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ARTON Bulgaria Foundation offers its friends and corporate partners a unique opportunity to commit to our great cause and TOGETHER to support cancer patients and their families.

After each donation, according to the wishes of the donor, we issue an individual Certificate certifying your donation, Donation Agreement or Donation Certificate / Certificate.

The Certificate / Donation Contract are official documents with which you can deduct your donation from your annual tax if you wish.

ARTON Bulgaria Foundation, registered in the Varna District Court with Decision №56 / 21.02.2013 under file no. 22/2013, lot number 35, reg. №5, volume 66, p.154, Bulstat: 176465939 is a non-profit legal entity that carries out public benefit activities. Individuals and legal entities from the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway can deduct their donation from their annual tax.

Consult an accountant before filing your Annual Tax Return.


For tax purposes you will need:

The Certificate / Donation Agreement that we issue to you after each donation;

Payment document for your donation.

After the expiration of the contract period, our team reports to the donors by sending a detailed content and financial report on the donation spent.


Through the partnership with ARTON Bulgaria Foundation you can:

To become part of our mission and to work together for the recovery of patients and their families.

Strategic donations can be directly related to the interest and main competencies of you or your company, to engage employees in various initiatives related to our cause, to stimulate donations in kind or through expert assistance.

Together we can create an original long-term project that best combines our mission and your social responsibility.

Sustainability of the activity

The activity of ARTON Bulgaria Foundation is constant, stable over time and expanding. The foundation is the founder and conductor of the first professional hospital program for art therapy of cancer patients. This allows you or your company to pursue its long-term strategic goals. We strive to build lasting partnerships to achieve maximum effect for all countries.


Opportunities for support

Personal donation

Each individual can make a direct financial donation to the Foundation's account by specifying in the "Grounds for the transfer" for what exactly he donates his funds. It is also possible to donate material - in kind - art materials and tools for the program "ARTON" in clinics in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna.


Corporate donation

Many companies or their charitable foundations choose to make a direct corporate donation. It can be directed to one of our projects. But it is also possible in close cooperation together to decide in what our goals are closest to your understanding of corporate social responsibility. What new to invest your donation for the benefit of cancer patients and how to communicate this to the public.


Cause-related marketing

The activities of ARTON Bulgaria Foundation can also be supported through marketing initiatives and sales related to the specific cause. Marketing programs of this type allow the company to offer its customers the opportunity to support a cause by purchasing a particular product. Connecting a sales campaign directly with the ARTON Bulgaria Foundation is an effective way for a brand or product to engage customers, increase sales and add value to the corporate image.


Special events

Corporate partners may nominate the ARTON Bulgaria Foundation as a beneficiary of their own fundraising campaigns or may sponsor events organized by the Foundation.


Fundraising by employees

Most often, this practice is associated with doubling by the company of the monthly funds raised by employees. There are various innovative and effective ways for employees to be involved in supporting the cause of the Foundation - automatic deduction of the donation from the salary (payroll donation), online donations, providing direct expert assistance to the Foundation.

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