Centers and programs for mental health and recovery of patients with cancer

Who we are

Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" was founded with a founding act of donation by Svetlana Chivganova, desiring to contribute to the mental health and support to cancer patients and their families in Bulgaria. The foundation is managed by Director and Council. Managing Director of the Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" and Chairman of the Board of the Foundation is Svetlana Chivganova. The Foundation defines itself to operate for the public benefit. It is non-governmental, non-religious and politically independent public organization. The Foundation is registered in Varna District Court with Decision №56 / 21.02.2013, on the f.d.№22 / 2013, lot number 35, reg. №5, Volume 66, p.154, Bulstat: 176 465 939, with registered office and management address: Varna, str. "Rose". 

Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" has a mission to promote and support mental health and recovery of cancer patients of all ages. Establish centers and programs for mental health for patients with cancer.

The objectives of Foundation "ARTON Bulgaria" are mainly in development of programs "ARTON" for art and rehabilitation in the specialized clinics in the country to treat patients with cancer. Also in providing a base for rest  and mental health in out-hospital and clean environment for the patients and their families.


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