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“Who is this woman Leukemia?”

Little Simona at the Children's Oncohematology Clinic in Varna decides with the art therapist Ioanna Kalesheva to paint the mysterious unknown woman. Joanna only supports the child, who starts with enthusiasm to choose the means of expression - acrylic paints, color cardboard to have a ready-made background, planned layout and stylistic styling. Simona draws swiftly, intensely, fervently, immerses the brush boldly and fills the artistic images with a single color - the black one. In the upper right corner is located a lady, a large figure clothed with the thickest layer of black paint. The child explains: "Here is the witch who is constantly giving birth to those zombies here, who are all around." 


Art therapy is this - it gives a chance to see in the world of the person in front of us. Without intruding, without suggesting, quietly and delicately, only with support and full acceptance. And so to help. It gives the sick child a chance to immerse himself in the world of his feelings, experiences, to shape in image the hidden sensations, and to outline the size and the shape of his enemy. To identify it in real performance and thus to focus sharply and clearly its power, strength and faith in the victory over the ugly lady.

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Insights – Program ARTON

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic method using both the weak and strong sides of the child's character through art solutions and verbal expression. The art work...