ARTON PROGRAM - summary of NOVEMBER 2021


The approach of the Christmas and New Year holidays is already felt in the air and this, of course, affects the sessions of the ARTON Program. Most topics are related to making different types of beauties, all for joy and decoration in the coming days. Angel dolls are a favorite theme of children, but now it has changed a bit in the Christmas spirit - angel pendants for Christmas trees and decorations. In one of the sessions, the art therapist noticed that scattered pencils and chemicals were lost on the children's beds while learning their lessons online. This led to a new theme for creativity - artistic organizers and pencil cases. During the month, Lily, Women and several children created exclusive decorations from felt, which each placed on their tripods, next to the beds and cabinets. A group of young patients - master artists worked tirelessly for several hours to create "Christmas windows to fairy worlds." In one of the sessions, the art therapist spent time with Lily on drawing costume models - the girl's dream is to study stage costume and the lesson was dedicated entirely to the dream. The various painting techniques are part of the ARTON Program classes. In them, children are encouraged to learn many and attractive methods with which they can use the brush, pencil or apply different types of paints. This is a way to make their work different and unique, but also to express more than what they want to share. The more means of expression a person uses, the more options he combines in their use - the more and deeper things he can tell us. To cover a wider horizon of impressions or to connect with the expressive system of others, able to read his art and also to express themselves with these techniques. Romina and another girl made wonderful canvases in mastering watercolor techniques.



During the long and difficult hospital treatment, the mental health of both children and their mothers is important. When the severity of illness, isolation, insecurity and sadness at home intensify, creativity is a saving and magical island that gives everyone peace, security, comfort and a dose of faith. In our sessions of the ARTON Program it often happens that mothers join the class and this brings joy, sharing and optimism to everyone. General creative sessions happen without a plan, impulsively and that is why they are very productive. In them the children are happy to combine ideas, skills with their mothers, they feel supported, proud of their skills and together with their loved one in a favorite activity. This makes the connection even stronger and emotional, and when there is a critical period in the treatment, joint creativity is the purest and unadulterated form of connection, which does not need words and explanations, but says so much to both parties. And in November we had a session in which a mother works with her child. Romina and her mother improvised at the last moment and changed the theme originally conceived by the art therapist, which resulted in wonderful pictures!





















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