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Caring for the Soul – Program ARTON

The process provokes children, mobilizes the intellectual capacity, stimulates the expressive performance  of the experiences - the child creates images and pictures that represent the current internal attitudes and feelings. Essentially,  the session is therapeutic  and along with this is fun and helps create true works of art by the small hands!

"For the soul the memory is more important than the planning, art - stronger than reason, and love - more satisfying than understanding. We know that we going to the soul when we feel attachment to the world and the people around us and when we live as with thinking,  so and with heart. We know that we care for the soul, when we experience the pleasure deeper than usual, when we feel the need to get rid of the complications and confusion, when the distrust and fear are replaced by sympathy. The soul is interested by the extraordinary in the individuals and the cultures, and in ourselves, she wants to express, if not in honest eccentricity, at least in uniqueness. "

Chris Griskam "Caring for the Soul"

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